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Patient Communicator is a really great system. I have it active in all 5 of my offices. The other systems I have tried made many promises but repeatedly failed to deliver. Patient Communicator works seamlessly with my practice management software and the patients love the simple sms and email reminders. It has helped our staff not have to spend the time confirming patients and has greatly decreased our no show rate.

Dr Panjwani

Owner, Hi Def Eye Care

We’ve been using Patient Communicator for years. It saves us 1-2 hours EACH DAY just in confirming appointments. But Patient Communicator does so much more. When we have severe weather no one has to risk injury going in to the office to cancel patients, Patient Communicator sends everyone a message informing our patients of their cancelled appointments and that the staff will contact them to reschedule. We also can, in just a few minutes, remind all our patients they are due for recall. That alone used to be a constant chore. We love Patient Communicator!

Joann Carr

Dental Office Manager, Dr Robert S. Carr DMD


The 2-way texting is incredible! We love that our patients can text our office with questions and confirmations instead of calling. It saves us tons of time and it’s far more convenient for the patients, they absolutely love it. Most importantly, our no-shows have gone way down! Patient Communicator’s customer service is fantastic. Our dedicated support rep is always quick to answer any questions we might have in a courteous and professional manner. We truly enjoy working with them.

Dr. Harper

Drs. Harper and Gilmore


We made the switch from Demand Force two years ago and have never looked back. The service and support are unparalleled and have greatly increased scheduling efficiency.

Micheline D. Young, OD

Cove Eyecare

Very pleased. A big time saver, lots of positive feedback from patients, and we love the Online Scheduler. Highly recommended!


Office Administrator/Optician, Queen Anne Eye Clinic

We love the 2-way texting, and so do the patients! Patient Communicator helps us do things we’ve never attempted before. We now run refer-a-friend promotions, ask for online reviews, and send out holiday greetings to all of our patients. The integration with our practice management software has been great, and the automated confirmations and reminders save us hours every week.

Dr. Levi

Southfield Family Dental Center


We send birthday greetings to all of our patients and they love it! They use the 2 way texting feature to say thank you.
We send out email, SMS, and voice confirmations for all appointments and about a third of the patients respond right away, which saves us lots of time on the phone. The reminders have also helped reduce no-shows tremendously. Definitely recommend it!

Dr. T.

Hanson Place Dental Associates

Patient Communicator may be the best piece of software I have implemented in my practice. It saves us time, money, and aggravation. Setup was quick and easy, and the program integrated seamlessly with our practice management software. It is immediately obvious that a lot of intelligent thought has gone into developing this software. They have clearly looked at what the competition offers, listened to what their customers really want, and done their best to implement it. In addition, their customer service is top notch. They are also interested in hearing about anything that might improve their program, and seem intent on making it the Best In Class.

Mark S. Fradin, M.D.

Chapel Hill Dermatology

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