Online Scheduler

Put Your Patients in the Driver’s Seat…

Enable your patients (even new ones) to schedule their own appointments online, 24/7. Your patients will be given the first available appointment that meets their search criteria, and if none are available, they can even waitlist themselves for their preferred appointments.

While Your Office Stays in Control

You get to customize the online scheduler so that you control which types of appointments can be scheduled online and which cannot, as well as all the parameters of the appointment types. All the scheduled appointments are copied automatically into you Practice Management Software, while your patients get instant email and text confirmations.

The Blacklist

We know that you’ll always have those few patients who will use the online scheduler to book appointments and then cancel them on a whim. That’s why our exclusive “Black List” feature enables you to block these chronic cancellers from using the online scheduler.

Online Scheduling is on the Rise

30% – The rise in the proportion of patients booking online in 2014, continuing eight years of uninterrupted growth. By 2018, two-thirds of all medical appointments in the United States will be booked online.
986 million – Number of medical appointments patients will make online in the U.S. in 2019
$3.2 billion – Amount in annual savings for U.S. health systems generated by online appointment scheduling by 2019.

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