Automated Confirmations & Reminders

Fully Customizable, Fully Automated

Tell your patients whatever you want, whenever you want to.
Send out appointment confirmations and reminders to any of
your patients automatically, and free up your office staff for
more important tasks.

Reach Your Patients in Every Way

We realize that each of your patients has their preferred method
of being in touch. That’s why our system lets you reach out with
email, SMS and voice messages, so that you can reach
everyone with ease.

Last Minutes Changes? No Problem!

Inform your patient roster of any last minute changes without
even picking up the phone.

You can instantly send out individual or group messages to
let your patients know about the schedule change, and they
can reschedule their own appointments by clicking on a link
in the message!

Automated confirmations and reminders:

Reduce no-shows by up to 30% (that’s about $35,000 worth of appointments) Johns Hopkins
Stay on top of cancellations Patients who were sent a text message reminder were nearly three times more likely to respond and cancel their appointment in advance than they were to no-show The British Journal of Cancer
85% of patients want to receive digital communication from their providers (and only 60% of practices are currently providing this for their patients!) Televox

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