Our Mission


For your patients.   For your practice.

Most companies design their software with the end user in mind, which is a great idea. But we thought it would be an even better idea to design our software together with the end user.

So before we even wrote the first line of code, we went and asked real health care providers like yourself, what features they felt were lacking that they would dream to see in the perfect patient engagement system. They let us know what features were important to them, to their staff and to their patients; then we went out and built our system around them.

We think the results speak for themselves.

Patient Communicator is the most feature rich patient communication platform on the planet, enabling easy, efficient, and effective communication between your practice and your patients.

In keeping with the mind-set with which we started this company, our ongoing mission is to be totally responsive to your needs, continuously upgrading and implementing based on your feedback. We like to refer to our clients as our partners, because that’s what they are.

Our partners are actively involved in helping us bring you the best patient communication platform in the world.

The Patient Communicator team in numbers

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